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WMOH Updates Archives for 2015-03

House Fire Under Investigation

(Hamilton)---Hamilton firefighters were looking into the possible cause of a house fire early Tuesday. The blaze was reported around 4:19am at 1111 Shuler Avenue. Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Shaw says the fire apparently started in the basement, and a resident tried to put the fire out using a garden hose. The fire crept up to upper floors of the two story home and had engulfed the rear of the house by the time the resident called 911 and firefighters arrived on the scene. There were no injuries. Damage is listed at $75,000. The family of six is being assisted by the Red Cross.

Three Children Treated After Tylenol Scare

(Hamilton)---Three toddlers were taken to the hospital to be checked out after they reportedly got into a bottle of Tylenol while their mother was sleeping. The incident happened on North 10th Street shortly after 8:00am Tuesday. The males, said to be aged 1, 2, and 3, were escorted to the life squad by paramedics and were transported to Children's Hospital's Liberty campus.

March: Out Like A Lamb

(Hamilton)---March will go out like a lamb for the most part, with warmer temperatures and sunny skies. Winds were expected to be breezy, with gusts of up to 30mph. High temperatures were in the mid 60's, perfect weather to kick off WMOH's high school baseball broadcasts. Fairfield beat Hamilton 5-4 in an 8 inning game on Monday and the two teams will play again Wednesday. Terry Bridge and Jason Ehrhardt will bring you all of the action. Broadcast time 4:40pm and first pitch 5:00pm LIVE from Fairfield High School.

40th Anniversary Of The Easter Sunday Massacre

(Hamilton)---Monday marks a sad anniversary for the City of Hamilton. Easter Sunday March 30, 1975, James Ruppert shot and killed 11 members of his family, including his mother, brother, sister-in-law, and 8 neices and nephews at 635 Minor Avenue. The killings were at that time the worst mass murders in American history. The late John Holcomb was Butler County Prosecutor at the time. He told WMOH during a 1996 interview it was "the most shocking day of my life to walk into that crime scene down there, and see all of those dead bodies of those beautiful children on that floor, in pools of blood." Ruppert, who was spared the death penalty after trials in Hamilton and Findlay, is now 80, and is serving two life terms in the Allen Correctional Institution near Lima. A parole hearing is set for next month.

Funeral For Fallen Firefighter Wednesday

(Cincinnati)---Hundreds of area firefighters are expected to attend the funeral of a Cincinnati fireman who was killed while battling an apartment fire last week. The funeral for 53 year old Daryl Gordon will be held Wednesday at 10:00am at St. Peter in Chains church downtown. The services will be followed by burial at Oak Hill Cemetery in Sharonville. Visitation will be held from 3:00-7:30pm Tuesday at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati. Gordon died of injuries suffered when he fell down an elevator shaft while trying to rescue residents of the King Towers apartment building in Madisonville.

Hamilton Chooses New Superintendent

(Hamilton)---The Hamilton Board of Education has chosen the person who will replace longtime superintendent Janet Baker. Anthony "Tony" Orr has been Superintendent of Northwestern Local Schools in Clark County, his alma mater, for seven years. Orr was previously an assistant superintendent and middle school principal for 8 years in the Huber Heights school district. The school board will make the hiring official during its regular meeting Tuesday March 24th.

Fairfield Names New City Manager

(Fairfield)---Fairfield City Council has voted to promote Assistant City Manager Mark Wendling to the City Manager's job when Art Pizzano retires at the end of April. Council approved a three year employment agreement with Wendling, who will be paid $145,000 a year, plus benefits. Pizzano has spent the past 17 years with the city. Wendling officially begins duties May 1st. 

Man Arrested After SWAT Standoff In Monroe

(Monroe)---A man is in custody after a SWAT team standoff Wednesday morning. Police responded to a domestic disturbance at 695 Ridgepoint Drive and found a woman and her two children outside the house. Police were told that 32 year old Joseph Waters was inside with a gun. Members of the Butler County combined SWAT team were called, and Waters apparently surrendered a little over two hours after the incident was reported. Waters was charged with domestic violence, inducing panic, and aggravated meanacing. He will appear in Area II Court. 

Train Hits Car At Dayton Street Crossing

(Hamilton)---Investigators from CSX (pictured) and Hamilton police were investigating a train vs. car accident that happened this morning at the Dayton Street crossing. Police Sgt. Ed Buns tells WMOH News that two cars actually tried to go around the flashing gates when the train clipped the second car, driven by a 25 year old woman. The victim was taken to Ft. Hamilton Hospital for treatment of minor injuries. She was later cited by police. Buns says the train blocked the Dayton Street, Butler Street, Maple Avenue, and Ludlow Street crossings for about an hour and a half. Several pedestrians were apparently crawling under the train while it was stopped.

Frequent Flyer 911 Callers May Face Extra Fee

(Hamilton)---Those who frequently call 9-1-1 for help from police or firefighters could face an extra fee, under a proposal by Hamilton City Manager Joshua Smith. There is no formal legislation drawn up yet, but Smith told City Council he expects to have an ordinance in front of them within 60 days. He says residents are welcome to call for help in an emergency, but he says many residents or addresses are abusing the system, calling 60-100 times a year. Smith says it puts a strain on public safety workers, and isn't fair to taxpayers.

School Days May Not Be As Sweet in Hamilton

(Hamilton)---The Hamilton City School's Wellness Committee is recommending that teachers eventually end the practice of allowing parents to bring cookies and cupcakes to classroom birthday celebrations. District Nurse Tracy Heinecke R.N. told the school board they also want to see teachers stop giving out candy for classroom rewards, and opt for other prizes. Heinecke says the district is already doing a good job of abiding by standards set forth by the Department of Education for school breakfasts & lunches. She says the district has been serving healthier meals, while turning off vending machines during school hours. She says the district also meets the standards set for Physical Education. (Megan Welch Photo)

Hamilton Demands Explanation For Train Troubles

(Hamilton)----Hamilton City Manager Joshua Smith is demanding an explanation for the recent problems with broken down trains blocking city crossings for hours at a time. In his letter to CSX Resident VP for Ohio Rusty Orben, Smith asked for a formal explanation to residents who have been inconvenienced by the incidents. Smith pulled no punches, threatening to take his case to the Public Utilities of Ohio if he isn't satisfied with the rail company's response. There have been five major incidents involving blocked crossings over the last month, mostly effecting residents on the West Side.

Artspace Building Unwrapped

(Hamilton)---Crews this week removed the scaffolding from the front of the Artspace Lofts building at High & North 2nd Street in Downtown Hamilton. Councilman Timothy Naab says he expects the building will be 100% occupied by the end of summer. The $11.8 million project restored the early 1900's building to it's original beauty. Artists will occupy 42 studio apartments, and art related storefront businesses will be located on the ground floor.

Fog Advisory Issued

(Wilmington)---For the second day in a row, Butler Countians started their morning commute having to deal with a heavy layer of fog. The National Weather Service issued a Dense Fog Advisory, which was set to expire at 10:00am Thursday morning. It's not known if fog played a role in an accident involving a school bus on East Miami River Road in Miami Township. The driver hit a fence and ended up with the bus resting on a tree in the front yard.

Update: State Fire Marshal Probing Fairfield Township Blaze

(Fairfield Township)---The Ohio Fire Marshal's Office is assisting Fairfield Township firefighters in looking for the cause of an early morning fire Monday at an office/industrial complex on North Gilmore Road. Witnesses reported hearing explosions when they called police and fire dispatchers just after 4:00am Monday morning. First responders reported heavy smoke and flames when they arrived on the scene. Fairfield Township received mutual aid from Hamilton City, Monroe, Liberty and West Chester Townships. Several vehicles inside the garage area were destroyed, and the inside of the unit was gutted. There were no injuries.

Human Skull, Bones Found In West Chester

(West Chester)---Police in West Chester are investigating the discovery of a human skull and some bones. Kids hiking in a wooded area behind Gregory Creek Lane made the gruesome discovery Saturday afternoon. Police and the Butler County Coroner's Office were back on the scene Monday, and found more bone fragments. The remains are going to be examined by a forensic pathologist in an effort to determine the approximate cause and time of death, as well the the identification.

Wilkens Unveils Orange Barrel Projects

(Hamilton)---Butler County Engineer Greg Wilkens says his office is planning $15.3 million in road projects this construction season. Wilkens revealed plans to build roundabouts at two high accident intersections, including Layhigh Road & Millville Shandon Road (OH-748), as well as Eaton Road & Beissinger Road. Wilkens says the Eaton & Beissinger project will take place in late summer or early fall in order to keep Twin Run Golf Course open during its peak season. Wilkens says roundabouts reduce fatal accidents by 90% and injury crashes 75% at intersections. The BCEO is also planning 6 bridge replacements, five highway improvement projects, and 15 culvert replacements.

Not Again!! Hamilton Motorists TRAINed To Wait At Crossings

(Hamilton)---For the third time in as many weeks, motorists on Hamilton's West Side had to detour around a broken down CSX train. The engine petered out Tuesday afternoon, blocking the North Washington Boulevard crossing at Millikin Woods, as well as the Kenworth and Millville Avenue crossings. The Butler County Sheriff's dispatch center and Emergency Manageent Agency said the crossing would be blocked 2-4 hours.

Fire Hits Fairfield Township Office Complex

(Fairfield Township)---The investigation is on into an office complex fire in Fairfield Township. The flames broke out just after 4:00am Monday at 6749 Gilmore Road, right across the street from Fiehrer Motors. A witness who first reported the fire said he heard explosions and saw heavy smoke arise from the building. Mutual aid was called in from Hamilton City, Monroe, Liberty, and West Chester Townships. No injuries were reported.

Sheriff Jones Offers Policing Plan

(Fairfield Township)---Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones is offering to provide police services to financially strapped Fairfield Township, if trustees agree to remove the 4.9 mill public safety levy from the May ballot. Jones says he can police the township using the $1.8 Million a year the township receives from a current levy. Jones says if the trustees approve his proposed 5 year contract, the savings to the General Fund could go toward funding the fire department. Jones says taxes are "killing" property owners, especially after passage of a school levy in the Fairfield City School District.


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