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Wild Winds Whip The Wald

A severe thunderstorm toppled dozens of trees in Lindenwald Wednesday, damaging homes and vehicles, and prompting the sounding of the county's tornado warning sirens. The National Weather Service toured the damage zone (pictured) and after a survey, they determined the storm was a microburst with straight line winds of 85mph. The hardest hit area appeared to be Hooven Avenue, just to the east of Benninghofen Avenue, where a giant tree was knocked down, tearing up concrete and breaking a water main. Another tree up the street fell on a pickup truck and car belonging to the Parker family, who now find themselves without transportation. It could take several days to clean up the debris. Butler County Emergency Management Agency Executive Director Matt Haverkos says the sirens were sounded when a Butler County Sheriff's Deputy reported tornadic activity in Lindenwald.


Here is the National Weather Service's page dedicated to the Hamilton Microburst



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