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Another Skimmer Found in Butler County

(Fairfield)--Another credit card skimmer has been found at a Butler County gas station. The device was discovered during a routine inspection by the Butler County Auditor's Office at the Marathon on the 6100 block of Dixie Highway in Fairfield. It's the 4th skimmer found in the County over the past 6 months. Auditor Roger Reynolds hosted a skimmer summit for local gas station owners and other stakeholders last week. The Following tips are courtesy of the Butler County Auditor's Office:


Tips for Stations

* Activity at gas stations should be closely and securely monitored by station managers and attendants.

* Gas pumps should be opened up and the internal mechanisms examined regularly by station staff.

* The most effective way to stop these scams is to install better, more secure locks on every pump. Better locks will prohibit unauthorized access to a gas pump’s interior components.


Tips for Consumers

* NEVER use a debit card when paying for gas at the pump. Thieves can steal PIN numbers.

* Report any unusual activity or anything that looks out of place.

* Monitor monthly bank and credit card statements for fraudulent charges.

* Use cash to pay for purchases whenever possible.

* If you believe you have been a victim of a skimmer scam, notify local law enforcement and your credit card issuer immediately.


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